Garbicz festival - 10 years anniversary

Garbicz festival - 10 years anniversary

Reflecting on an Unforgettable Journey: Garbicz Festival! 🎪✨

This year I have the incredible chance of creating as head of Deco the magic at Garbicz at Lichtung stage together with the team of Wumanas.

As I sit here, reminiscing about my first encounter with the mesmerizing world of Garbicz Festival, my heart fills with immense gratitude and inspiration. It was during the festival's inaugural edition that I was there and so, I' ve experience left an indelible mark on my artistic journey. 🌟🎨

Garbicz Festival, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Poland, is a true testament to the power of music, art, and community coming together. From the moment I set foot on those hallowed grounds, I was enveloped in an atmosphere brimming with creativity, passion, and a shared love for artistic expression.

But it wasn't just the visual spectacle that touched my soul—it was the people. The festivalgoers, the artists, the organizers—all brought their unique energy and warmth, igniting a sense of belonging and camaraderie that transcended language and culture. It was a reminder of the incredible power of artistic gatherings to unite and inspire.

Years have passed since that first edition, and Garbicz Festival has grown in size and reputation. Yet, its essence remains unchanged—a haven for dreamers, creators, and seekers of magic. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to contribute to its enchantment and witness the transformative impact it has on all who enter its realm.

Have you ever experienced a festival or event that deeply inspired your art? ✨🎶 #GarbiczFestival #ArtisticJourney #Inspiration

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